Temporary Warehouses, the places which are constructed in such a way as to protect the temporary stored goods from all kinds of external factors and interventions are the places under the control of the Customs Administration such as warehouse, storehouse, bonded warehouse or hangar where the vehicles stop, approach or land.

Procedures and principles regarding Temporary Storage are explained in Articles 47-50 of Customs Law No. 4458 and Articles 77-97 of Customs Regulation.
We have Temporary Warehouse in Ankara Logistics Base which serves under the supervision of ANKARA CUSTOMS OFFICE.

In addition to our warehouse where we carry out our services in accordance with occupational health and safety and technology, our Hazardous Material Warehouse serves our customers as the first comprehensive service in Ankara where Flammable, Combustible and Combustion Enhancing Goods and other hazardous and harmful substances are stored.


– Vehicles registered with the Summary Declaration/TIR Carnet/Transit Declaration Form by the Customs Administration are taken to the Temporary Warehouse Area under the supervision of the Customs Enforcement Officers.

– After the seals are opened by Customs Warehouse Officer, the goods are delivered in the warehouse according to CMR documents.

– First the system entries of the operating company and then the system entries by the Customs Warehouse officer are made and the entry procedures are completed.

* The waiting period at the temporary warehouse is 45 days for the goods arriving by sea and 20 days for the goods arriving by other means as of the date of the summary declaration given according to Article 46 of the Customs Law.


– After the goods that are waiting in the Temporary Warehouse are subjected to customs approved transaction or usage and payment of their taxes, following the receiving “Exit Control Slip” from Customs Warehouse Officer, operation office is applied with the original copy of CMR.

– After they are exited from the system and the storage service fees are paid in the operating office, the goods are delivered.