• 1m3 = 333 kg basis is applied for bulk loads.
  • In stock rack trucks, the warehouse price is calculated based on 22 tons.
  • For the materials which cannot be stacked, the area of complete truck is calculated as 32 m2.
  • Calculations are made on minimum 1 Ton.
  • Our services are billed at the end of every 30-day period
  • Following the entry of the goods in case the goods do not exit from the warehouse.
  • Palletizing goods are charged separately.
  • Opening-closing and sample making services are included in the prices.
  • The service fee is charged for the goods transferred.
  • A certain amount of insurance premium is reflected in the precious goods.


  • You can call 0312 812 12 00 or send an e-mail to for detailed information on storage fees.
  • Special price studies are made for your project works.