ANKARA LOGISTICS BASE was established in 2004 by 45 Visionaries who are members of our sector, based on the geographical and commercial importance of our region which is on the historical silk road, the needs of the sector and the intense demands from the sector.

Our base is located on the Ankara – İstanbul motorway and was opened for service on October 15, 2010 by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan as the gateway of Ankara and Central Anatolia to Europe.

Turkey’s first inland port and international logistics base was established to ensure that the International and national transportation companies from Ankara, which was located dispersedly and unhealthily to carry out modern, up-to-date activities which will not adversely affect the city life, by creating a synergy.


In order for Turkey to become a Logistics Base and to be able to provide this transformation, it is necessary:

to strengthen the logistical infrastructure,

to internationally and nationally integrate the transport network, and

to restructure in terms of technology and quality employment according to the current principles.

Our future goal is:

  • to transform Ankara Logistics Base into the inland port of Anatolia, as well as Asia Minor and Turkic Republics in transit trade in direction of Europe-Asia and export from our country,
  • to increase the ability of companies operating in our base to do business,
  • to contribute to the international and national logistical activities to be done according to a specific plan,
  • to enable Turkish export products and Turkish transportation to be preferred more in the international arena, and
  • to help to increase the number of logistical base structures in our country.

In order to provide the best service to our stakeholders who are located at our base and serving outside our base, we aim to accelerate transactions through cooperation and information sharing and increase the international competitiveness of Turkish transport by moving to Logistics 4.0.