Export regime is the regime during which the provisions regarding the exit of the goods in free circulation from Turkey’s Customs Territory for export are applied.

The procedures and principles regarding the Export Regime are explained in Articles 150-151 of the Customs Law No. 4458 and Articles 415-418 of the Customs Regulation.

*Goods brought to temporary warehouse for export or re-export purposes can stay in these areas for 1 month. In the event that an additional period is requested within this period, an additional period of up to 3 months may be granted regardless of whether the declaration is registered or not. The customs payer shall be notified for the goods that are not removed after the customs procedures are completed within 1 month period and the additional period given, and the goods shall be removed from the temporary warehouse within 30 days following the date of notification, otherwise this goods shall be deemed to have been left to customs. If it is not removed within this period, the goods shall be deemed to have been left to customs and procedures shall be made in accordance with the liquidation provisions. If there is a registered declaration regarding this goods, it shall be canceled.

*The declaration closing period of the goods to be exported without being placed in temporary warehouse is 2 months. This period can be extended for a maximum of 2 months for reasonable reasons. Declarations of which procedures are not completed within these periods are canceled.

– Vehicles carrying the goods subject to export enter the Export Area under the Customs control.

– The vehicles of which export declaration is registered, is sealed with the help of the guard and becomes ready for shipment.

– The vehicles pay their weighing and parking fees are paid to the relevant payment point and exit.