Economic power and economic independence are the most important references of full independence. Our country is among the G20 countries with its geopolitical position, its young and educated population, its raw material resources and its product facilities. In order for our country to use its great potential effectively, its logistics infrastructure in foreign trade must be strong.

Ankara Logistics Base Project has been built and started to operate in cooperation with public and private sector considering these realities in both sectoral and national terms. Public has been included in the structuring of Ankara Logistics Base with its legislation and service support, and our sector with its capital and operational services.

With this sectoral and public project, we have taken the heart of logistics to Ankara with the moral support of public, courage, trust of our sector, and our own resources, by taking into account the interests of the country.

Public institutions also took part in this sectoral project by believing in this project and leaving the public land. In our base, there are Ankara Customs Office, Central Laboratory, Agencies of Turkish Standards Institute, Ankara Chamber of Industry, Ankara Chamber of Commerce, Insurance companies, Banks, public institutions, professional chambers and representative offices. All operations from the beginning to the end of foreign trade operations are carried out at our base, creating a competitive advantage for our export products, providing safe, economic, fast and high quality service in logistics and foreign trade.

Ankara Logistics Base is the first international logistics base in Turkey arising from within the industry. In 2012, it received the “Logistics Base of the Year Award” from the European Customs Commission.